Do You Have a Precious Keepsake You Really Love–and You Want To Save?

Before you throw that keepsake away, contact Conservators of Fine Fabrics. Since 1977 we have been recognized as experts in the cleaning, mounting, and repairing of valuable and treasured textiles. We are ready with a wide range of services for the care of archeological, ethnographic, and historic fabrics and costumes.   

Some of the typical items we care for include:

Wedding Gowns Movie & Theater Costumes Lace Household Textiles
Christening dresses Flags & Banners Quilts Liturgical Textiles
Historic Costumes Tapestries & Wall hangings Rugs Linens
Ethnic Costumes & Textiles Fine Needleworks Samplers Stuffed Animals

The professionals at Conservators of Fine Fabrics are available for consultation regarding the conservation of a single item, as well as private and museum collections. Textile analysis reports may include fabric, condition, conservation recommendations and photos.

Even if you're just looking to display your item, we can help with museum quality mounting services. 

Think an item is beyond repair? See us before discarding. We may be able to save it! Damaged areas are often able to be conserved using techniques such as couching, re-weaving, and/or supporting with fabrics of compatible fibers. Soiled items may be cleaned with dry solvent or an archival wet solution.

Insects or Fungi? Conservators of Fine Fabrics has first-hand experience with the eradication of insects and fungi and is ready to assist you with these services.

In short, the talented team at COFF is ready to assist you with all your fine fabric conservation needs!

Why not experience the satisfaction of lasting life for your beautiful keepsake? Contact us today!


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